Why You Should Make The Switch To LEDS

With so many people switching to LED lighting, it is no wonder that the majority of lightbulbs in use today are these efficient and eco-friendly bulbs. They are brighter, cheaper to run and longer-lasting. However, you may still have reservations about making such a big change for your home or business. Here are a few things you should know about switching to LEDs from East Auckland Electrician business RLM Electrical. 

You’ll Save Money

While they cost more initially, as you’ll need to invest in new lights and an electrician to install them, savings on electricity make them less expensive in the long run. In fact, switching from incandescent bulbs to LED lights could save you hundreds of dollars, every year! 

Better still, LEDs last a lot longer than incandescents meaning you have to replace them less frequently, further saving you money. While incandescent light bulbs have an average lifespan of two years before starting to dim, their LED counterparts can last up to two decades, or more, before starting to decline. Additionally, LEDs are less likely to break as they are more resistant to vibrations and other heavy impacts. 

They Are More Efficient

By switching to LED bulbs, you could cut your energy use by up to 90%. LED lighting converts 95% of the energy consumed into the light. In comparison, incandescent bulbs convert only 10% of the energy they consume into light. That remaining 90% of energy is wasted as heat, burning a hole in your pocket! 

They Are Safer Too

Halogen lights reach far greater temperatures than LED bulbs and incandescent lights and have been the cause of fires including some fatalities. Devastatingly, the death of a six-year-old boy in a house fire in Derbyshire was caused by a halogen bulb that set a lampshade alight. If you still have any of these in use around your house, don’t take the chance and replace them immediately. 

The Environment Will Thank You

We’ve already discussed the efficient nature of LEDs, but did you know they are also mercury-free? This means they are completely safe to dispose of with your household rubbish, without fear of chemicals leaching into the environment if they are broken. 

LED light bulbs are also recyclable through your local council. While the material used to make LED bulbs is non-renewable, such as glass and aluminum, these materials are recyclable and can be repurposed for new products! However, do not place LED bulbs in your household recycling bin. Instead, find a local drop-off location that accepts LED bulbs. 

A Personal Touch

Among the most versatile lighting options available today, LED bulbs are commonly used both in commercial settings as well as in many residential settings. LED lights are a great choice for any space, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere in your home or business. With more variety than regular incandescent bulbs, these efficient light sources provide everything from warm nostalgic memories all the way down to bright whites and icy blues that will make waking up seem like an instant vacation every time! Additionally, the colours don’t dull or fade over time like those of incandescent bulbs.

LEDs also come in a range of shapes and sizes, perfect for any purpose! From exterior uses, like downlights, spotlights or pool lights. To interior uses, like cabinetry and splashback lighting, stairway lighting or feature lighting. LEDs can be used to create striking, energy-efficient lighting solutions in a wide range of creative ways, thanks to their diverse capabilities! RLM Electrical specialise in creating spectacular interiors for retailers using LED lighting. 

Making The Switch 

You can’t beat the energy savings of LED lights. They last longer, use less power and are more reliable than other light sources. To get the benefits of LED without having to replace all your existing light fixtures, simply replace your incandescent screw-in bulbs with screw-in LED bulbs. It’s that simple! Just be sure that your replacement LED matches the performance of the old incandescent bulb. 

If you want to create an entirely new light layout, or are looking to install LEDs at your business or warehouse, get in touch with local lighting design consultants. They will be able to talk you through the process and develop a custom solution for your space. 

For Auckland residents, Auckland electrician RLM Lighting can provide you with a FREE consultation! RLM Lighting specialises in lighting solutions and will help you make the right choice for your needs – whether that means replacing old fixtures or installing new ones throughout your entire facility. 

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