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Upgrade your lights to LED for 90% efficiency.

When it comes to downlight installation or LED upgrades, choose experienced lighting experts. If you want to create an entirely new lighting layout, or are looking to upgrade to LEDs or install downlights at your home, business or warehouse, lighting is our speciality.

RLM has been designing, supplying, and installing lighting solutions for over 25 years. We offer solutions for every type of space, whether it’s a large commercial space or a small living space. Our professional team will talk you through your LED upgrade options and develop a custom plan.

Our LED bulbs are available in all shapes and sizes to fit in all of your existing light fixtures, plus you have access to a wider range of options than what you’d find in standard retail outlets.

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LED Lighting Is Cheaper To Run!

LED bulbs are not only energy efficient and eco-friendly but also brighter, longer-lasting, and cheaper to run. LED bulbs can bring energy savings of up to 90%.

Unlike incandescent bulbs that waste 90% of the energy as heat, LED lighting converts 95% of the energy consumed into light. For example, a 100w light bulb reduces to a 10w LED, and a 50w Halogen bulb reduces to a 5w LED.

You’ll save a lot off your power bill while improving the visibility and atmosphere around your home or business.

Longer Lasting & Safer

Since LEDs last longer than incandescent, you have to replace them less frequently, further saving you money. LEDs also carry no heat, unlike your standard or halogen lamp.

This means it’s a much safer option. Halogen lights reach far greater temperatures than LED bulbs and incandescent lights and have been the cause of fires including some fatalities.

Downlight Installation

If you’re looking for a seamless lighting solution that also creates the wow factor, downlights are the perfect solution.

Create highlight and lowlight options for bedrooms, lounges and bathrooms. Downlights can be both mood-enhancing and functional.

It’s our team’s job to make sure you’re aware of all your options and to guide you through the process.

Create the perfect atmosphere

From warm and nostalgic lighting to bright cool whites and icy blues, LED lights allow you to create the perfect ambiance with a wide range of colour options.

You can also opt for LED Strip Lights under bathroom and kitchen benches for example. Light strips are very cost-effective and come in a wide range of cool colours.

In hallways, for example, LED sensor lights ensure visibility when waking up at night without having to turn on lights.

Professional Lighting Design Consultants

If you want to create an entirely new light layout or are looking to install LEDs at your home, business or warehouse, get in touch with local lighting design consultants. They will be able to talk you through the process and develop a custom solution for your space.

Making The Switch

RLM Electrical specialises in creating stunning interiors and exteriors using LED lighting and offers free consultations for Auckland residents.

With over 25 years of experience, we have a wide range of options and a vast knowledge base to draw upon. We also offer competitive prices on bespoke solutions.

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